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The graphic project for the communication of the X Conference of the Italian Society of Applied Anthropology (SIAA) was realised within the framework of a collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts (ABA) in Rome.

A student from ABA did her internship at Verona University’s Centre for Ethnographic Research and Applied Anthropology (CREAa) in order to design and create the project.

A brief presentation of the idea for the graphic design project devised by the student, Rossella Antezza:

“The graphic design drew inspiration from the concept of uniqueness: each element or individual is unique and has its own history and specific identity, which relates to other specific histories and identities. The signs used for the graphics derive from the frottage of some rocks: each sign captured in the graphics is a mark that time has left on the stones. Just as time leaves marks on environmental systems, so it accumulates traces in the histories of multiple cultural diversities that continually interface with each other.”

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