On this page, you find some useful guidelines for finding accommodation in Verona.

First of all, we recommend you find a place as soon as possible. Verona is a tourist city and therefore already very busy even in the low season. In addition, the conference falls in a period close to Christmas, when the city is even more crowded with visitors coming to shop at the local Christmas Markets (starting from the second week of December).

We suggest that you look for accommodation between Piazza Bra (where the Verona Arena is located) and Porta Vescovo. All conference activities will take place in locations between these two points. The Gran Guardia Palace, in Piazza Bra, is where registration for the Conference will take place and where all the Plenaries will be held. On the opposite end, along the Lungadige di Porta Vittoria, there are the Cloister of Santa Maria della Vittoria of the University of Verona and the Museum of Natural History, where most of the remaining lecture halls will be located.

Verona Youth Hostel

For women only, there is the possibility of staying at the Verona Youth Hostel. Located nearby the Roman Theater, it is a facility with shared dorms and bathrooms. The agreed price is 20 euros per night. The host has offered the possibility of reserving an entire floor for the conference participants, but only if a minimum number of reservations is reached. If you are interested, please let us know via this google form as soon as possible, and in any case by November 15.


Below you find a short list of possible accommodations found on the websites of the main intermediaries. The list is not meant to be exhaustive but it might help you in your search.

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